Why you will not succeed in business, if you do these 3 things.

Why you will not succeed in business, if you do these 3 things.

You often get so excited about starting your business and being called CEO. You know, the feeling you get when someone refers to you as a founder can be very enjoyable and overwhelming.

While you deserve to enjoy the benefits and fantastic feelings of owning your business, there are somethings that get suck up in the excitement of the moments, that only 1% out of business owners pay attention to.

But before we continue on our practical journey, I have a short notice for you.

At highfoster, we are known for being very practical at what we do. There will be some “do-it-yourself” practical aspects that we strongly advise you go through for maximum benefits.

With that being said, let’s go on!

1. Clucking with the chickens

Let me tell you a secret:

When you start a business, you immediately become an Eagle, with focus, determination and daily goals.

Why then should you continue to cluck with the chickens?

Characteristics of people who are chickens.

The chickens are people that you were with before you elevated and set high realistic business goals.

The chickens are the people that can only fly few feet into the air. Because they can only fly few feet into the air, they think nobody can achieve higher things in life and that everyone are just like them.

These set of people don’t have a clear goal. They just wait everyday and accept whatever comes to them. No clear goal.

You are an Eagle!

You have a business. That means you will make more of critical decisions to achieve your big business goals. Just like the Eagle can’t go to the Chicken for advice in catching prey, you can’t also go to the lesser mindset and low quality thinking people for advice in achieving your business goals.

The Eagle will always be found at a high sky level, but the chicken is always on the ground.

If you want to be successful as a business person, then you should stop clucking with the chickens around you, and start looking for fellow Eagles whose thinking capacity is the same as yours.

#Do-it-yourself Practical lesson.

(Take a paper and pen)

Write down the list of close friends/people that you had before and after you started your business.

After writing down their names, take the first name in the list and examine the person’s behavior, mode of thinking, constructive words, wisdom in speaking and overall positivity. Repeat same process for the rest on your list.

Based on your findings and observations, you will know if that person is a chicken or an Eagle. Then it’s your choice to either continue clucking with the chickens in your list, or move closer to the Eagles.

2. Not having a good definition of success

There is success and there is good success. (This is a quote I just formed by the way, haha)

If I randomly pick 50 people to tell me their definition of success, 70% will relate it to material substance.

For some people to acknowledge that they are successful, they must have 5 cars (Bugatti included), lands, expensive vacations, travel authorization, etc

Personally, I had some very weird definitions of success.

My definition of success was having millions of followers on social media, having the press media follow me wherever I go, and having a dinner with Mark Zuckerberg, telling him why I deleted Facebook app on my phone ..(because of storage..haha)

You might have also had some definition of success that can only keep pushing your fantasy daydreaming and not push you to business fame.

Secret #2

Do you know that it’s the definition of success that you have in your mind that will push you and give you the extra motivation to actually go for it?

This is a secret not everyone know.

If person A’s definition of success is having 1000 fashion wears (shoes, clothing, shades, etc) in the wardrobe, then 2 things are obvious.

  • The first is that Person A is a female
  • And second is that person A will not get 1000 fashion wears because of her definition of success, if person A will get 1000 fashion wears, then it will be because of someone else’s success that robbed off on person A.

Now, the goal is to be successful and not for someone’s success to rob off on you.

If you don’t want to fail as a business person, then you should decide if you want to be successful because you believed and worked towards it, or you want to be successful because you have a rich spouse or friend who can comfortably rob off their success on you and provide your needs.

If you spend someone’s money to give yourself a comfortable living, then that is success.

But if you start from scratch and grow your business with all your efforts and determination, and you now live comfortably, then that’s GOOD SUCCESS.

That’s why I want you to congratulate yourself right now, because you are a business owner on the way to GOOD SUCCESS. Come on!! Give yourself a smile. Say “Good job” to yourself. Appreciate your efforts! You are on your way to good success.

#Do-it-yourself Lesson

(Take a pen and paper)

Ask yourself these questions (write them down on the paper with you)

  • What is my definition of success?
  • Is my definition of success strong enough to give me an extra push and motivation?
  • Does my definition of success hold a long-term goal?
  • Where do I see myself in the next 5 years?

Write these questions down and ask yourself. These are great questions that will set you on the right track once again.

Ask yourself. Be genuine with your answers. These are questions only for you to answer.

3. Letting your Ego give you a false sense of confidence.

It’s good to have confidence and believe in your abilities. No doubt.

The problems comes when you wholly believe in your own capacity and knowledge for successfully running your business. You don’t want to seek advice, listen to customer reviews, learn and get more advanced.

You think you know all about your business and no other person’s opinion matter.

This is a very dangerous issue.

What you must know is that, your business is only OWNED by you. You cannot fully run your business alone and expect to make 6 figures of monthly income. There is a need to meet people for quality advice. You need to build an honest and trustworthy team. You can’t do it all on your own.


Just as Ego ruins personal relationships with family or friends, it can also ruin all the sweats and hard work that you’ve put into growing your business.

Don’t let your profits or social reputation give you an Ego that you are far better than everyone in your niche and you don’t need to receive advice or help from anyone.

A false sense of confidence.


I wouldn’t have told you these things if I haven’t learnt from the bitter experiences in my life. You are a business owner, you want to succeed and make it. We all wish the same.

But you must be very careful along the way of business. You must understand that you are the driver of your vehicle to prosperity. Luckily, I and the team of highfoster will try our best to update you with extremely rare and overlooked business secrets.

Thanks for taking your time to read this article, please make sure you follow the practical lessons -they will help you a lot in self assessment both personally and in business.

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