If you lack patience, your business will run out of patience.

If you lack patience, your business will run out of patience.

What a powerful virtue for every businessperson to possess!

Patience isn’t the ability to wait and endure. Instead, it is the ability to keep a POSITIVE mind while waiting.

I’ve come across many businesses that were amputated because their owners ran out of patience. Many other business are limping, blind and looking diseased and depressed, because their immune system (which is patience) is lacking.

I will enlighten you on the various consequences that follows when you, as a business person, loses patience while still running your business.

1. Operation “Get rich quick”

90% of people startup their business because of increased income and profits. I mean, that’s one of the key reasons for starting up yours, right?

But the problem comes when you don’t want to accept the fact that it takes time for you to hit that “checkpoint” in your business.

One of the key reasons why you might embrace the inefficient “get rich quick” shortcuts is because, you have allowed the testimonies of people running the same business as yours, to influence your overall mindset.

Let me explain better.

Before you started your business, I assume that you would have made some research about people running the same business.

You would have been to Instagram pages, websites, Facebook groups, etc, to make your own observations and to give yourself insights.

Now, this is where it can go all wrong if you aren’t careful:

  • If you are not careful, these are the mistakes that you can consciously or unconsciously make. You can find yourself in the trap of a “get rich quick” scheme, if you find yourself in these steps:
  • Don’t understand that it took the competitors in your niche some months or even years before they got to the present position that they are in. If you don’t understand this, you will think that there might be some shortcuts that they followed and then you start going in the direction of the “Get rich quick” trap.

Aren’t ready to put in the same efforts or even more efforts than the competitors in your niche. If your efforts are lesser than that of your competitors, you will be easily frustrated because you might not be seeing results.

The solution?

Study your competitors and work smartly. If they are working hard, outdo them by working smartly.

When you chase money blindly.

You started up a school because you heard that the man at the end of your street owns a school and he gets $20,000 as profit every month. So you thought about opening a school, not because you are passionate about it, but because you can be getting $20,000 monthly profit from it.

This has made many people start up businesses that couldn’t even last up to a year.

Then when they start a business because someone started it, they tend to run out of creativity in sustaining their business, and then opt in for ways to get rich quickly.

They fall into the trap and join millions of other people to google search “how to get rich quickly”.

They lose patience and then their business runs out of patience also.

The end result?

Business death.

2. Your creativity power will go from 100% to 1%

Patience helps in giving you reasons to be creative. Lack of patience simply reduces your creativity power.

What is your creativity power?

Everyone has a creativity power. But businesspersons have a special type of creativity power.

As a businessperson, your creativity power is your positivity and foresight. It is how much opportunities you can create by doing critical thinking.

Now that you know the meaning of creativity power, it’s high time you learnt how lack of patience drastically reduces your creativity power.

As a businessperson, when you lack patience, you will not make key business decisions carefully.

Every decision in your business should be counted as priority. There is no such thing as “little decisions”

Therefore, when you make business choices, you should put in your full focus to them. Having patience in your business means understanding every key aspect of your business.

Creativity in business doesn’t come in haste. You can’t always be in an hurry and expect to be creative at the same time. You must always understand that creativity comes from deep and reflectional thinking.

And to tell you the truth, creativity can be diminished.

Yes. Your creativity in business can go from top to bottom. And lack of patience is mostly responsible for it.

Some years ago, I heard the story of a man who was so happy when he founded his business. He was extremely happy to be proudly called a CEO.

But his happiness began to diminish when he was always in a haste. He never made decisions calmly. He never sought professional advice. He was always too eager to make his business decisions.

Then the worst began to happen.

He made $10 decisions instead of $10,000 decisions. He poured out his whole money into other aspects, thinking he will make double profits, but ended up making none.

Two years into his business, he went bankrupt and the bank that he collected loans from, seized his house and other key properties.

He was devastated.

But all that could be avoided if only he exhibited patience in running his business.

It is not everything that a businessperson does that you should do. It is not every investments that you should try out. You should always try to understand that sustainability in business is what keeps the business going.


Patience is a virtue that unfortunately, not every businessperson possess.

You have always heard of patience in your personal life, but I’m enlightening you that there’s also business patience.

Patience is the ability to keep a positive mind while in a waiting period.

There are bad days that your business might not have a single customer enquiry. There are days that you will doubt your business. You might feel down and extremely stressed up on some days.

But that is when your business patience will be tested.

Trust me, it is when your business might be going through tough periods, that opportunities comes the most.

Yes. Opportunities comes mostly when your business is having rough days. And because of this, most businessperson don’t see them at all in all the mischief and challenges happening at that moment. Even if some businesspersons see these opportunities, they might not be in the right state of mind to make good decisions and choices about the opportunities.

That is why I’m telling you today. While your business is going through challenges, keep your mind at alert. Understand that it is these periods of challenges, that brings the greatest opportunities. Trust me. I have experienced this multiple times.

I really hope you will be able to see the light in this article and try to work on increasing your business patience. You are a businessperson, endure a little while and you will see the sunshine in your business.

Struggles may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning.

What do you think about this?