Benefits of including Water breaks during your business hours.

Benefits of including Water breaks during your business hours.

Your business might be so time-consuming and engaging that you might often skip the thought of even taking a single glass of water.

While you might THINK that you are doing fine, remember that it isn’t only about you, but about your business health in general. You desire the absolute productivity in your business but you might be ignoring the simple facts that can boost your overall business productivity.

Today, I will deeply enlighten you and try my 101% to convince you on why you SHOULD include water breaks in your ‘busy’ business schedules, irrespective of the type of business (physical or online)

It can help increase your physical performance.

It’s fair to say that if you don’t remain hydrated, the possibilities of your physical performance diminishing is high.

I had a lot of articles to write and posts to make. I kept writing and writing and writing. But something funny happened.

On one particular day, I walked some distance to where I was working as a content writer. I got there and didn’t even think of taking a single glass of water, even though I wasn’t thirsty.

I took out my pen and my hardcover book to start writing, and I was surprised that after going 10 minutes into the writing, I felt suddenly weak. I was so weak physically and I couldn’t figure out why.

I closed my book and sat for some 30 minutes, doing nothing. Then I opened my book to write again, but I still felt weak to write.

“What could possibly go wrong?” I asked myself. But unfortunately, there was no answer to my question.

This happened for 2 more days and I kept wondering what was going wrong.

Then I sought medical help and through the observations by the medical expert, I was informed of my low levels of hydration.

I was asked why I wasn’t taking water frequently, and I simply said because I’m rarely thirsty.

The medical expert then told me that, taking water isn’t for only quenching thirst. It is also for boasting hydration in the body, which will lead to better physical performance in activities.

For a minute, I thought this medical person was speaking in a language that I didn’t understand. I was just looking at his mouth trying to understand all what he was saying…concerning hydration and performance and me not able to write for more than 10 minutes.

Then after the checkup, I was advised to starting including water periods in my busy writing schedule. And that was how I successfully realized the power of drinking water periodically for an advanced business performance.

Have you ever felt weak all of a sudden and you don’t even know why?

Well, it might be because you aren’t taking the expectable usage of water.

This is how I plan my business water breaks and you can adopt it also.

💦 Immediately I get to my place of work, I take a glass of water.

💧 After a maximum of 2 hours, I take another glass of water. And this is how I go till I’m done with work.

It helps me feel so fresh and alive and I’m actually very productive on days that I follow my water schedule, compared to days that I don’t.

Even though, sometimes I find myself dozing off at work because I took cold water.

P.S, don’t take cold water at work unless you are the boss or owner of the business. If you want to learn the hard way, then go on and experience what happens next.

Water helps the skin to look good

If you really care about how you look in front of your customers and TOP investors, then you should really get into drinking more water often, especially at work.

Dehydration keeps the skin dry. You will look dry, like a roasted beef that was forgotten in the sun, if you don’t consider raising your hydration levels by drinking water.

Your reason for reading this particular article is to improve your health matters to enable the full functionality and productivity of your business.

It’s no longer news telling you that majority of the human body is made up of fluids. This implies that the substance that is under your skin is mainly fluids.

Pimples, rashes, spots, etc can always be taken care of naturally with the aid of drinking water frequently.

By reading this post, I assume that you are a business owner or you are in the work force. There is always something that’s called FIRST IMPRESSION.

First impression is how you present yourself in the image that first-time customers or investors will portray your business as. And part of the things that constitutes to a good first impression is how tidy and neat you look.

You can’t be with your customers and your skin looks dry and dehydrated. You can’t take up your business proposal to a potential investor while your skin texture completely betrays you.

Drinking water at work regularly keeps your skin fresh and void of all dryness.

A lady once came to me because she needed to meet with an important person in the community. She wanted me to give her feedback on her ideas and business proposals.

I told her to come meet me.

As I saw her approaching me from a distance, I felt irritated. I felt disgusted.

It wouldn’t take a toddler 5 minutes to figure out that she wasn’t paying much attention to her skin wellness.

Immediately she got to where I was, I told her my full thoughts and even made her know that if I was the important person that she intended to meet, I might lose complete interest in what she wants to say or her business proposal for me.

Unkept skin can lead to business embarrassment and wasted business opportunities.

This is a serious matter. But luckily, it can always be avoided by paying attention to the most vital things.

One of the effective ways of making your skin fresh is by regularly taking glasses of water. This is an healthy business fact that you NEED to start following and embracing.

Include water-breaks in your business schedule to make your skin fresh, pleasing and healthy in front of your customers, investors and the general public.

Headaches May Decrease

One of the worst case scenarios in business is battling with headaches during working hours.

This can be very uncomfortable, frustrating and sometimes difficult to maneuver. Taking glasses of water during your business intervals can surely help to prevent headaches from happening.

“prevention is better than cure”

Preventing the uncomfortable headaches is way better than trying to cure it after it has happened.

From my personal observations and the observations of other business people I’ve met with, I got to know that drinking water during business hours is the best shot you’ve got at preventing headaches.

And from my research, majority of business persons not only drink water, but also have a quick face wash. When asked, they said the face wash is because they enjoy their faces being cool and fresh. And this practice has helped them in maintaining cool head temperatures and also take business decisions more calmly.

So in addition to drinking water to fight headaches, you can also consider rinsing your face with water to make sure your head temperature is cool and stable for quality business decision making even under stress. I tried it and it works very well. Headache is something you wouldn’t love to encounter during your business hours.

You must have been hearing the importance of drinking water, but I will link the benefits of drinking water to your business welfare.

If you want to make your business healthy, then you should start drinking water during business hours. And if you have a team, you can consider setting it up as your business rule to always include breaks at which team members can drink at least a glass of water.

Make yourself healthy. Make your business healthy.

Do-it-yourself Lesson

Before you begin your day’s work, I want you to drink a glass of water. And I would wish you to include an interval of an hour to drink a glass of water for every business day.

Do this for a week and share your feedback with me.

Be completely honest with the process. Just a week. Then come share your feedback with me.


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