5 morning habits that improves mental health and fitness

5 morning habits that improves mental health and fitness

5 morning habits that improves mental fitness. When we wake up every morning, we feel like a brand new person. There’s this sense of security and peace that accompanies the early hours of the morning.

But then, we remember how the previous day went, and immediately, our morning sunshine is amputated. We feel down because we have allowed our previous day’s experiences to reduce our high level of metal fitness.

I do tell people that the morning habits we practice every day is what determines how the day is going to go for us. And most times, we just ignore these simple habits

Today, I have taken my time to carefully highlight five of the best morning habits that have personally improved my mental fitness since I started undergoing them.

1. Confess Positive Statements To Yourself as a morning habit

Confess positive statements to yourself

How often to you confess positivity to yourself as a morning habit?

Do you know that whenever you wake up, and you tell yourself how great the day is going to be for you, your mindset is already set in the path of positivity, and you all you will look forward is a happy experience.

I didn’t know this tip until January 2019. There were times that I would wake up and keep rolling on my bed. I wouldn’t even be happy and grateful that I’m alive to see another day.

All I would be concerned about is the worst thing that I can expect from that day.

Positivity wasn’t in my dictionary. No single trace of positivity was in me. Positivity was something that seemed to be at the other side of earth.

But then….

There was a morning I woke up and I immediately said “Let’s do this!”

Just this little positive confession turned my day around for good! I discovered that a hidden energy that I didn’t notice I had, was activated in me. Somehow, it felt like I had a purpose to fulfill and I am going to get closer to it day by day.

I confessed positive words to myself and I become a brand new human being with a clean and spotless mindset for growth.

Today, I come with this great tip for you.

Every morning, confess positive statements to yourself. Congratulate yourself for your previous day and tell yourself that you are alive this morning because you still have a purpose to fulfill and a vision to activate.

You can confess statements like:

“I’m beautifully and wonderfully made. I will not allow mediocre in my life, because I’m a person of high standards, I will make sure I do things today to the highest standards possible”

Say something encouraging to yourself. Don’t rush for motivation from videos or people. Be your own pushing factor. Strengthen your mental fitness with your own mind and positive statements.

Make it a morning habit to command the morning✔️

2. Listen to a song as a morning habit.

Listen to a song every morning

I always tell people that listening to music is like being on your own planet- a planet that is filled with rhymes, beats and just you being the only occupant.

Every morning, after I confess positive statements to myself, I make it an habit to immediately take my favorite playlists and put in a cool song with inspiring lyrics that will add fuel to my energy that day.

Yes. Listening to music improves your overall mental fitness because you are already in the mode for work. You are pumped up. You are activated. You are lightened.

Take some inspirational lyrics that will remind you of the high level of potential that you possess and why you should go for what you believe in that day!

It can really help you. Trust me. Your mind processes the message and power of songs faster than you can imagine.

3. Go Outside Your Home And Embrace Nature as a morning habit.

Embrace nature

Honestly, you would agree with me on this. The best time (according to my personal experiences) to view nature is at mornings. At mornings, the scent of vegetations and the atmosphere is so soothing and mentally relaxing.

With this morning habit comes appreciation. You will appreciate and show gratitude for the simple things of life that you might have ignored- things like Family, Life, Your neighborhood, Your memories, Your friends, etc.

There was a fateful morning when I woke up and I wanted to go pick something from the front of my house.

I got outside and I saw some trees swaying from side to side. And on these trees were some small birds making sharp sounds. Then the overall scent and sweet atmosphere that accompanies mornings was present.

Immediately, I was so happy that I just kept smiling and looking around. I spent like 15 minutes looking at the surroundings. There was this unexplainable happiness, calmness, gratitude and appreciation that befell me that day. That alone, made my whole day!

Having discovered this secret to improving my mental fitness, I started practicing this habit at least 5 times in a week. And today, I said to myself “I have to share this with you” so I included this great habit tip in this post, with the hope that you will take full advantage of it and improve your mental fitness.

4. Make it a morning habit to Speak with someone for at least 10 minutes

Call someone every morning

Preferably, I call some people on my mobile phone and speak with them for as long as 20 – 30 minutes.

Honestly, this has helped in making me mentally fit because by calling someone, I am able to engage with the person in meaningful and sometimes funny conversations. This simply act will lead to me being happy that I shared my morning thoughts with someone.

This habit is important if:

Your previous day was bad for you

You feel that no one cares about you

Like your thoughts or conversations doesn’t matter to anyone

It’s totally cool if you want to lift your spirits and get that burden off your shoulders by sharing your fears with someone.

You just want to speak to someone.

If you fit in the above categories, then you should really adapt to this wonderful morning habit.

Even if you just want to speak to someone, you can make it the morning habit of calling someone everyday and conversing with them. This will make you feel social and happy because you spoke with someone and shared your thoughts.

Why don’t you try it? Call someone every morning. Share memories, ideas, experiences and receive happiness and mental fitness as a reward.

5. Have a fantastic BREAKFAST.

Surprisingly, I included this tip because it is often overlooked.

Let me tell you this, in case you didn’t know before.

There’s a difference between breakfast and BREAKFAST.

Yes, you read it correctly!

When you have breakfast, then you either skip your morning meals, or eat what you suppose to eat at lunch, as breakfast.

I had always made this mistake. I kept eating heavy foods at mornings, and because I was attending college, the toilet was my lecture hall. I couldn’t concentrate in class, I couldn’t listen attentively, I was mentally unstable, I was always in discomfort, I couldn’t focus on simply tasks because I always felt disturbance and uneasy.

Then a day came when I finally ate BREAKFAST, and immediately, I was set free!

As funny as it might sound, but it’s true.

Your BREAKFAST is a determining factor to your overall mental stability for that day.

BREAKFAST is the most important of all meals because it’s the beginning of the start of a new day. If you have a good BREAKFAST, you can even go without taking lunch. But if you don’t have a good BREAKFAST, you might feel uneasy for the rest of your day and that is bad for your overall mental score!

Please endeavor to have good BREAKFASTS. You might be too busy with work or schedules, but please, don’t ever underestimate the importance of a good BREAKFAST.


These are the five morning habits that I carefully drew out of my personal experiences for you.

All what I write and recommended is out of the many things that I have tried and it worked out fine and have also told people and they came out with good testimonies.

Try these habits. It’s not a necessity for all the five habits to work for you. You can try them all out and then pick the ones that you love and are seeing improvements in your mental fitness.

Note – The number one tip is the most essential. Please don’t ignore that habit for improved mental fitness.

Do you want to share your morning habits with us?

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