3 funny weekly challenges to include in your business

3 funny weekly challenges to include in your business

Believe me, it’s such a GREAT feeling when you are participating in fun weekly challenges with the people you work with everyday. The feeling is like NO OTHER!

You’ve worked hard during the week to convince yourself and other colleagues that you have tried your best to foster the vision of the business, then it’s time for you to enjoy and catch some fun, right?

While you might not go to the bar every Friday, or go see movies or have dinners, you can instead participate in fun games and challenges with the amazing colleagues at your place of work.

I will show you some funny weekly challenges that you can organize and participate for your business even if it’s a physical or online based business.

1. Organize a “Have the platform and make us laugh” talk

It’s more like stand up comedy, except that this one is done by your business employees.

I formed this.

When I was running my NGO (which I’m still running), I always loved volunteers and crew members to enjoy and laugh so much during programs.

So I thought of what I could really do.

Then an idea struck me.

Why can’t I just organize a mini get-together, where everyone will share their hilarious experiences that happened during the week, and then they would try to make us laugh or at least smile?

Immediately I thought about this, I implemented it in my NGO (non-profit).

Because of volunteers who were in other countries, we took to the online method.

We would organize weekly meetings every friday via zoom, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc

We would schedule some volunteers to host the meetings every week. Every volunteer will be scheduled for a particular week. So everyone gets to have the whole platform to act as a mini stand up comedian to make the whole organization laugh.

It was always very cool. It’s still extremely cool and funny. When you see some of your colleagues doing this, you can’t just stop laughing, because it’s coming from your colleagues!! Then I get to give a little reward to the best person that gave us the best laugh.

So this is something that you can also include in your business.

It works for both online and physically based business.

If you will love to include this form of entertainment and funny challenge in your business, I’ve carefully written down the steps below:

Step 1

Get ALL the names of the people working under your business (including you). Write the names in a sheet of paper.

Step 2

Depending on the size of employees in your business, divide the names into 2 pairs every week. That is, for every week, you’ve scheduled 2 employees to “have the platform” and be the mini “stand up comedian” (remember, it could be higher or lower, depending on the size of your employees)

Step 3

To make the challenge spicy, you can ask them to make a good joke out of any hilarious event that happened to them during the week. Or, you can just give them a topic to make a joke out of.

Step 4

You should thank them for their time and also encourage them for believing in the vision of the business and loving every process of it.

Step 5

If you wish, you could give them a tip or small reward.

So that’s it! If you think you have employees who have a very good sense of humor, then this challenge is the best for you. It brings you all together. If there was a slight conflict between employees, this is a guaranteed way fo eliminating it, because everyone gets to have a good laugh.

There’s no better feeling than seeing all your employees happy and laughing together. And also, you will realize that they will be more of family-like, than employees.

2. “Do not cry or feel frightened” The Movie Challenge

Now this is one of my best challenges haha! And trust me, you will love it so much!

This challenge deals with watching a movie with your employees.

The movie could be emotionally driven like love conflicts, family issues, and so on. Or it could be fear driven like horror.

Most of the time, people always go for the fear driven movies (mainly because they want to show how manly they are. Haha)

But this is a challenge that you can conduct for your business every week.

You can all watch a movie and then see who’s tough enough not to break a tear or show a terrifying face when a zombie suddenly appears.

This challenge is flexible.

You can all watch the movies at your business company building (if you have one) or you can give your employees the name of the movie, tell them to go watch it at home and then meet together to discuss it. They would have to be honest with themselves to make the whole challenge spicier.

This is a fun and funny challenge. Everyone will be so happy to undergo this. The best experience is when all employees physically meet to watch the movies.

If you would love to include this funny challenge in your business, then follow my steps below:

Step 1

Study the higher gender of employees in your business. Are there more females to males?

Step 2

It is based on the higher number of gender that you would decide if emotional or fear driven movies fits in best. Females will prefer love conflicts and emotional movies as challenges. Males will prefer horror movies as challenges.

Step 3

If you can, you can watch the movies together. Or you can watch it at home, then maybe during lunch breaks, you can all discuss it.

Step 4

Thank everyone for their time in participating in the movie challenge and express how sincerely happy you are.

The movie challenge is one of the best ways of making everyone have fun as a family. Part of the goals of your business is to make a family-like atmosphere amongst the employees in your business.

3. Ultimate riddle and prize hunt challenge

One of the things I love to do with the people I work with, is compete for prize hunts and first to solve a riddle challenge.

I have done my personal research and observed that this challenge is one that 73% of all employees look forward to.

I got to take part in this challenge a few times, and I was very happy and always looking forward to it. Then when I founded my business, I thought to implement it into my business.

Let me quickly narrate one fun experience with this challenge

I was a volunteer for some organizations when I first underwent this challenge.

The organization’s board gave a tough riddle every week and we (volunteers and direct employees) tried to solve the riddle. The first person to solve it might be entitled to some wonderful prizes like money, extra free foods, weekly transport payment and even a chance to be on the seat of the manager and head the organization for 2 hours (mostly deals with giving advices)

With all these wonderful and attractive prizes, we always looked forward to every week’s riddle to solve.

I nearly won the riddle once (I got the answer 27 mins after the winner got it) it was so funny, but I got to have a small monetary prize. I was very happy and I enjoyed the work I was doing the more.

For the prize/treasure hunt, the management will simply have to hide some extremely valuable stuffs at places that you least expect them to be. Then every Friday (after the work of the day), everyone will begin searching for it.

The management will write some prizes on sheets of papers and hide them in places that we least expect them to be. It’s not always hard to find them, but it sure takes a little time to do so.

On the papers, any thing can be written on it. Things like “free transport, fully paid pizza delivery, take the next Monday off, etc. Sometimes, some papers might just be blank, so you might see a sheet of paper, but nothing written on it, just blank. Haha! When we had camp, I picked a blank paper. It was funny and quite painful.

If you would love to include this challenge in your business, here are the steps that you should follow:

For online based business
Step 1

You can make a blog for your business workers or employees. (You can just make a quick one at WordPress.com)

Step 2

Make a few blog posts and hide some numbers in-between the lines.

Step 3

Publish it and specifically tell your employees to find the lucky hidden numbers. The employees to find each numbers will win the prizes that is attached to the different numbers.

Step 4

Make a rule that once an employee finds a hidden number, the person is to withdraw from the challenge and let the other employees find the remaining hidden numbers.

Step 5

Acknowledge the winners of the challenge and thank all the employees for participating in the challenge. Encourage and give some words of motivation for the employees who couldn’t win the challenge, telling them that there’s always another opportunity to win.

For physically based business
Step 1

Make research on the best riddles that possible but not easy to get.

Step 2

Give the riddle to your employees every start of the week (preferably Mondays) so that by Friday, you will pick the winner.

Step 3 (For treasure hunt)

Look at your building and take some sheets of papers. You can write any prize on the sheets of papers and hide them at strategic locations of your business.

Or you can just take some boxes, put some prizes in it and hide them in places inside or outside your business building.


Do not bury the boxes or papers. It will almost be impossible to find. Instead, you can hide them in strategic locations like on top of ceiling fans, under the desk of employees, under the air conditioner, on the widescreen of your car, basically any place that wouldn’t quickly cross the minds of your employees or that they would least expect


So that’s it!

I’ve personally tried out these funny business challenges and I picked the best and most interactive ones.

As a business owner, your priority is to make sure your business gives an all-round joy, both to customers and to employees.

Everyone should be happy to come by your business. You should give customers and employees a reason to always look forward to coming back to your business.

But these challenges is meant to tighten the family-like bond among all employees and the business board. Most business owners put their full focus and attention on customers and sales. They don’t care about making a fun and happy atmosphere for their employees.

But you aren’t “most business owners” you are a good business owner who has the interest of customers and employees at heart.

You might be an online business owner, or a physically based business owner. Either ways, it wouldn’t hurt a single bit if you would start introducing fun challenges that will make coming to business very fun, attractive and interesting to you and everyone that hears your business name.

Reach out to me.

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