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We have carefully handpicked the products that gives you the utmost conveniences during office hours.

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If you work from home, or you are an online entrepreneur, then you should check out our business home accessories, for more flexibility and conveniences.

Business Health Products/recipes

As we have personal health and hygiene, we also have business health as well. We have also included some healthy recipes that you can follow, to ensure you are in the right physical and mental state for more business productivity.

"I received a quality free coaching session, after placing my first order! Which other online store offers you this?"

July Millson

Purchase from our store and receive a free business coaching session

We have a good reputation for always checking upon our customers, and we want to increase that reputation. 

It is for this reason, that we have employed some business coaches, to coach every customer for business growth. 

All you have to do is purchase from our store. All purchases qualify for a free business coaching session. 


We have a reputation. Read what people have to say about us.

I love the conveniences of these business products and I had to order another product to have an extra business coaching session.. ikr….it was so sweeeet

Sarah Jones
Interior Designer

I remember being the first customer for Highfoster, before they ventured into an online store. I purchased some products from them then and ended up hiring one of their coaches (Vincent), as my official business coach. I like the orderliness in this store. From the customer service, to delivery updates, to customer checkups even after patronizing. Superb!


Pencil Artist || Instagram Influencer

Why I decided to give this store a try was because of their free shipping to USA and also their free business coaching session that comes with a purchase. I have never experienced this high quality customer service in my life. And also, Vincent (the customer service guy) is incredibly funny and smart! loool

Briana Luke

Home-School Teacher

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