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Highfoster -Adding Fun To Businesses

Over 85% of people aren’t happy at work and thus, productivity yield is low. We have carefully analyzed this problem and strategically drawn out tested fun tools that can make all sections of your business fun (fun outdoor/indoor activities, team members, customer service, sales, etc) to enhance overall productivity..

Build Humor In Your Business

We can use humor to attract and retain your potential clients and many more...

Humor is our greatest tool. We have played with it so much that it became our biggest marketing tool. From creating fun online and physical activities, to making employees happy… we can comfortably say that we can use fun/humor to enhance any type of business. 

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We Solve Real Problems

Fun Group Coaching

You will be added to our private community of like-minded people, where you will be group coached by the founder of Highfoster -Vincent. Questions and Answers will be taken and live sessions will be held.

Build a Fun Sales Funnel

Build a sales strategy based on the guidelines of humor. Make your sales process fun and humorous to first-time customers.

Customers Laugh, Customers pay more

You will learn the hacks of starting a fun conversation with potential customers to turn them to loyal customers. Always make sure that every customer leaves your business with a smile/laugh on their faces. Secret is...they will always come back. We will teach you our best hacks that yields the best results.

Make a fun community for your business

The feeling of creating a fun community that revolves around your business. Pure Bliss. A community bonded by love and humor. We can help you with this, especially if your business is more of community. We can build one for you and keep your fans, customers, clients, team members... together as one big humorous family.

Create fun online/physical activities for your business

Imagine your business had a stand-up comedy show every friday, or an horror movie night during weekends.. or just a treasure hunt with items scattered either online or physical locations. We can help your business create these fun activities and many more!

hire a fun coach from highfoster

We have highly talented and groomed fun coaches in Highfoster. You can directly hire the CEO of Highfoster himself, or hire any of his personally trained coaches.

Timothy Powell

Creative Director

Lisa R. Boone

PPC Ninja

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